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Hello LJ friends!

Most of you should know by now that I have packed up and left LJ for personal reasons and with that I have moved to a more public blog, I'm still doing my graphics, ever so often, along with other things that strike my interest and keep my life less stressful. If you have a blog and want to continue to follow me, you can find me at www.herskeletonkey.com and on bloglovin', which I encourage you to follow me there if you want to keep up with any of my posts :) Thank you so much and I hope you're all doing well! ♥ This will be cross posted to all my communities as well.
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LAST UPDATED: October 30th 2012

Please friend the community to see my posts, this is a must.
Join hauntedgallery for my galleries.
Make sure you have read over any important posts.
But most of all enjoy your stay

You did not read my members only entry for instructions.
You failed to read/follow the rules.
You have less than 50 entries, no friends, a new journal, ect.
--- if you are NOT new to LJ let me know in a comment before joining
Don't have proper credit for your graphics ect. This includes stuff by yourself.
NO graphics journals, I will not add them here, only personal journals.
You're know to start drama or be involved in it, I will not tolerate this.

Please only credit ~hauntedways!
Hover Credits and user links for userpics!
If I see that you do not credit/use what I make for you, you will be removed.
DO NOT hotlink from me, I use a personal photobucket to host my images.
My graphics are only to be used on livejournal unless I give you permission to use them else where.
--- ie. blogspot or your own personal webpage

Save CommentCreditSimple as that!
Check the tags for pickups before you request something new!
Only use the form provided to you, do not edit it in any way.
Manners are a must, don't use them properly? You'll be removed.
--- Say more then just a "Thanks" I find it super rude... A simple "Please and thank you so much" will do.
I will NOT do "same as example" be original! ;)
Be reasonable with text you give and what words you use.
--- Long words will not fit on icons, save them for a header.
NO black, white or any shade of gray.
--- I will accept it if you want an accent color with one of those shades :)
Hex codes only, no exceptions!

3 to 12 letters for singles and 3 to 10 letters for couples (per name)
Your name or username only for text.
--- I will accept your child's name or pets name on the cat or dog blinkies.
NO stars, hearts, spaces, blanks or any other lucky charms.
--- I will only add these if I think it's needed, if you have a _ I will use a -.
One name only unless it's a couples blinkie.
NO middle names or trying to make single blinkies into a couples.
Please do not take my pixels, most have been paid for/edited by me

Tags Are A Must, No Matter What. NO Exceptions!
--- Accepted tags: username, a date or  your initials only (2-4) - NO A+B or ABC+ABC
I will only accept high quality photos of 400x400 and up for icons and 600x600 and up for headers (photo sizes)
--- No more then two people in a photo, unless it's for a header, I will not take more then two people for an icon.
Leave the creativity up to me, you're welcome to give me suggestions/ideas though.
The only way I will remake your request, is if I messed up somewhere.
--- ie. spelled something incorrect.
My graphics are in NO way to be edited, changed or manipulated.
--- This includes my custom layouts ect. (more info on this can be found when you request one)

NO REFUNDS you know what I offer, so there shouldn't be any problems :)
--- I do my very best to make you exactly what you ask for, if you did not send it to me in an email then how am I suppose to know what you want? PLEASE make sure your requests are filled out completely before sending them in. Thank you!